30 years of success in IT

It all started 30 years ago, in 1991...


In 2021 SoftNet celebrates the 30th anniversary of its presence on the Polish market. The past years are the history of systematic and consistent development as well as maintenance of the company's continuity. It is hard to believe that 30 years have already passed since the first invoice was issued.

In its founding documents, the company was established on 18 January 1991. During three decades the market has been changing dynamically, a lot has happened in the company, in the country, and in the world - for SoftNet this time has been a constant challenge.



The mother of invention


The SoftNet company was established on the initiative of four designers and programmers who previously had experience in creating computer systems for banks and other institutions. The basic assumption that guided the establishment of the company was to organize a software house producing software for the banking and financial sector.

The founders developed their own software package designed for bank operations, known on the market as BankNet. This is how a comprehensive system for automating all banking operations was created. Soon, the commercial offer was enriched with the delivery of computer hardware. In 1997, the BankNet system was the first to be recommended by the Accountants Association in Poland as regards its compliance with the Accountancy Act and other regulations issued by the President of the NBP.

Along with the development of the company, the growth of the number of employees, and the number of banks served, the scope of services offered increased. Very quickly the BankNet system was transformed into today's multi-currency EuroBankNet system and then into the modern EuroBankNet Plus NT.

Creating the future with new technologies


Over the years, SoftNet has been actively expanding its portfolio of offered products and services. In a short time, the offer was extended by a system for managing corporate accounts. Initially, the HomeNet system was delivered in the form of an installation program and made it possible to send signed packages with transfers to the Bank. The improvement of technology, development of the Internet and electronic banking services meant that the system had to evolve into a more modern tool.

Today's eCorpoNet system is an advanced internet banking system that facilitates the management of funds and bank accounts. It ensures freedom of access and the highest level of security of data and financial resources.

Today, it is difficult to imagine a bank account without Internet access. Over the years SoftNet has spread its wings in the field of offered technology. The current offer includes eBankNet, an advanced electronic banking system, and the mobileNet application. The system enables quick access to bank accounts and the use of banking services. It is mainly designed for individual Customers, but it can also be used by business and institutional Customers.

Thanks to the global reach of the product the Customer may manage his/her account anywhere he/she has access to the Internet.


New pages of history


In 2006, a group of Cooperative Banks established the PartNet sp. z o.o. the company which became a strategic shareholder in SoftNet. Since that moment, the mission of SoftNet has become supporting the banking sector by providing secure and professional software, contributing to improving the quality of services offered by its customers every day.

On the basis of its experience and in cooperation with long-term practitioners in the field of banking, it has been possible to create comprehensive applications tailored to the specific nature of banking sector operations.

A strong entry into the 21st century


Over the years, along with the technological progress of the IT industry, the solutions implemented at clients' premises also underwent changes. Initially, the systems were run on many servers located both in the headquarters and in bank branches. At that time, SoftNet experienced a large number of implementations in many one- and multi-branch banks and used mainly decentralized solutions.

A step of great importance for the Company was the implementation of a terminal server solution at the Customers' premises, which enabled the users at their branches to work remotely, thus considerably facilitating their work. This meant that all users of the system via terminals could work simultaneously and independently of each other on one physical server. From that moment on, SoftNet offered centralized solutions in client-server and terminal versions. More advanced solutions ensuring system security - Backup Centre and disaster recovery - appeared in the offer.

The technological revolution in the world continued at its best. The implemented model of work based on its own IT infrastructure ceased to be efficient. Implementation of new solutions at Customers became expensive and often took too long. Another success of the Company was launching the service CPDNet - Data Processing Center, an innovative community cloud for the financial sector, which is implemented using the most modern technologies of Oracle - the world leader in this industry.

This allowed, among other things, to increase efficiency and flexibility in the use of IT resources, while increasing the availability of services. This translated into a higher quality of services offered by SoftNet to demanding entities of the banking sector. It is worth noting that the implementation in SoftNet is the largest contract for the implementation of a cloud solution in the history of Oracle Polska so far.


" To meet is a beginning, to agree is progress,
to work together is a success."

 - Henry Ford

Did you know that...


Achieving the leading position on the demanding financial market was possible, to a large extent, thanks to constant improvement, acquiring knowledge, and investing in development and technology. In 2010 SoftNet received the certificate confirming that the quality management and information security system is compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 27001 standards and confirmed its continuous development and high standard of provided services by obtaining the ISO 20000 certificate.

Implementation of the ISO/IEC 20000 system was one of the most important events in the company's history. It shows that SoftNet treats service management and the quality of provided services seriously.  The company follows good practices determined by the leaders in the industry. It constantly controls and maintains a high level of services.


During the thirty years of its operation, the company has won many prestigious awards and distinctions. They are an expression of recognition and confidence in the products and services offered. Only last year resulted in as many as two awards:

  • Special award for taking 2nd place in the category "Position of companies in the cooperative banks sector",  IT@Bank 2020
  • A recommendation in the category: Banking, CPDNet solution for cooperative banks in the XIII edition of Technological Competition "Gazeta Bankowa" Hit of the Year 


Development based on the Company's strengths


Today, SoftNet consists of a team of over 100 qualified specialists who strive to meet the expectations and difficult requirements of the market. These are modern and safe solutions provided to Customers in many variants depending on their individual needs. To a large extent, where the company is today is due to its employees, customers, and business partners.

We are very proud of our achievements and of all the people with whom we have created so many solutions and carried out so many interesting projects over the years.

Thank you all very much for your cooperation and trust.




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