About the company

Our Mission

The mission of SoftNet is supporting the banking sector by supplying trusted and professional software, everyday contributing to improve the quality of service offering by our clients.

About the company

We are the partnership which specializes in the software, technology and services for the banking sector and particularly for banking.

From 30 years we are gaining knowledge and experience in this field. We offer a comprehensive service and support for banking products connected with credit services, deposits, settlements, IT services and in the broad sense electronic banking.

The supplement of our basic offer is also some other authorial modules concerning reporting or modules supporting processes of human relations management, automation of service customers, IT services and cars management.

In the business connections we put on the partnership, we serve not only the technology knowledge but primarily an experience. We trust that thanks to this approach, we are becoming an active part of the business of customer, enables thereby common and dynamic development.

We understand that every implementation is the business challenge where technology is a tool.


 The services we provide can be delivered in many variants, depending on the individual needs of the client. As local installations in a location indicated by the customer or in the full IT Outsourcing model - CPDNet, based on proprietary solutions for ICT infrastructure and banking systems.

 Breakthrough technologies

The IT environment for the CPDNet built in this technology allows operating all systems and applications provided by the Company (within the meaning of the KNF Communication Community Cloud). It is the largest system and hardware platform of this type for Cooperative Banks in Poland, which defines a new future for the financial market.

The Data Processing Center is focused on providing services of the highest standard with the use of innovative technologies, which is proved by the fact that already over 60 Cooperative Banks from all associations successfully use the offered solution.


High quality of services


We are characterized by the high quality of services offered, while maintaining all information security standards, confirmed by certificates:

  • ISO/IEC 9001:2015 – quality management,
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2014 – IT service management,
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2017 – information security management.


Our values


In our daily activities we are headed by the following values:

  • respect for human – we care about the development of personal skills of our employees, not forgetting about their well-being. We redirect the internal motivation to positive relations with the environments.
  • innovation – we design our solutions with the mind of customer needs so as to bring measurable benefits at the same time enhancing the image.
  • professionalism – we constantly strive for the reliability of our solutions, high quality of offered services and good comminication with the customer. We develop consciously, we increase both technical and business abilities.
  • honesty and resposibility – being aware that trust is a priceless value in business, we aplly ourservels to reliably fulfill our obligations, by the principle - act fair-play.

They distinguished us


Recommenders and awards

  • Winner of the technology competition "HIT OF THE YEAR 2022", Category: Banking, AMLNet
  • The recommendation in the category: banking, AMLNet in the XV edition of the Technological Competition "Gazeta Bankowa" Hit of the Year 2022
  • Leader of Competitiveness 2021, VIII Polish Entrepreneurship Congress
  • Special award for the second place in the category of: ''The position of companies for cooperative banks'', IT@Bank 2020
  • The recommendation in the category of The solution of the CPDNet for the cooperative banking sector in the 8. edition of the ''Gazeta Bankowa'' Technology Competition
  • An award in the category of Oracle ''Cloud banking'' 2019
  • Leader of IT solutions for cooperative banks, IT@Bank 2019
  • Special award for the first place in the category of: ''The position of companies for cooperative banks'' Software suppliers and integrators, IT@Bank 2018
  • Special award for the first place in the category of: ''The position of companies for cooperative banks'' Integrators and software suppliers,  IT@Bank 2017
  • Special award for the first place in the category of: ''The position of companies for cooperative banks'', IT@Bank 2016
  • Special award for the first place in the category of: ''The position of companies for cooperative banks'' IT@Bank 2015
  • The main award for the third place in the ranking of IT companies working for the financial sector and the public institutions, IT@Bank 2013
  • An award for the most effective technology promotion Oracle BI in the cooperative banking sector 2010
  • Gold quality of the year and The quality of the year 2010
  • Forbes Diamonds 2009 - the distinction
  • The quality of the year 2009