AMLNet's suite of tools and services "Hit of the Year 2022"


AMLNet's suite of tools and services "Hit of the Year 2022"

Softnet's AMLNet solution, received the "Recommendation" award and the "Hit of the Year 2022" grand prize in the banking category, in the Techno Biznes 2022 competition organized by the editors of Gazeta Bankowa.

AMLNet was awarded by the competition jury, for significantly increasing its effectiveness in detecting on an ongoing basis suspicious bank transactions that could be used for money laundering or terrorist financing. It was also appreciated that the solution cooperates with the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries and automatically blocks those transactions carried out by bank customers that are selected by the system as suspicious. This thwarts the introduction into financial trading, of funds from illegal and undisclosed sources.


The competition's jury, chaired by Professor Adam Glapinski, found that AMLNet significantly improves the security of banking processes, enhances the quality of customer service offered by the bank, and helps combat cybercrime. The jury of the competition consisted of key figures from the world of science and banking and the award ceremony took place on June 28 at the Techno Biznes Gala in Warsaw. The competition was held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Technology Development, and the National Center for Research and Development.

We thank the Chapter for the award and congratulate the other awardees!

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