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The financial and accounting EuroBankNet system allows for comprehensive service of all positions in the Bank and associated e-banking system, reporting, and support systems. Data of multi-branch Bank, stored in the central database Oracle Database are always current, complete, and ready for analysis. This is due to the increased speed of calculations, in particular from the use of wholesale procedures in the day, month, and quarter closing cycle.

Adopting the latest software tools and the latest methods of creating an application program, by an experienced, high-class design and program team made it possible to create a transparent, user-friendly, and at the same time fully safe software. The system is resizable adjusted to the needs of all Banks.

The system meets the requirements of:

  • Accounting Act,
  • Banking law,
  • current Recommendations,
  • Acts and Regulations of Minister of Finance.

The high quality of the system is confirmed by independent audits and rankings for specialized banking solutions.


Business benefits:

  • EuroBankNet collects all information about the customer allows the Bank to prepare a personalized, tailor-made offer for him,
  • increases the Bank's chance to sell its products and solutions, which are better suited to the needs of the customer than at the competition,
  • Bank receives a modern tool facilitating asset and liabilities management of the Bank taking into account high-security requirements,


  • EuroBankNet significantly saves the time of the employees, and so the costs, systematizes the work providing compliance with procedures and reduces the level of risk,
  • An intuitive and readable interface is easy to learn and does not require extensive training, which is important due to the increasing rotation of employees,
  • The system is constantly developed thanks to the comments and suggestions sent from its users,




The EuroBankNet core banking system is a fully secure and elastic tool providing rich functionality providing the operational reliability


  • effective and reliable service transactions
  • the possibility of quick integration with other bank systems
  • an efficient and fully resizable system working in the mode 24x7
  • the service for all types of accounts of customers and the Bank's own accounts, in accordance with the applicable principles of banking accounts
  • the service for credit processes at the stages of accomodating, administering the loan collection of credit debts
  • registration of accounting operation at all positions the customer service, along with the current update of information about the balance and turnover on a given account
  • automation of most dispatching operations allows for a significant acceleration of customer service and online exchange of information between the base system and the e-banking system provides the customers to have continuous and direct access to current information about the account balance operations, free resources, etc.
  • the system not only supports the overall sales processes in the area of accounting and deposits products, savings, and credits, and also encourages the use of remote service channels, such as e-banking, mobile application, credit cards, and other modern forms of initiating payment transactions
  • customer relationship management based on collected information in the EuroBankNet transaction system
  • targetting an offer on the individual needs of the Customer
  • help within running marketing campaigns
  • maintaining the consistency of the sales policy of the Bank with the needs of the Customer
  • the possibility of registering and analyzing events with the customers (tasks, correspondence, calendars)
  • the segmentation of the customers according to the selected criteria
  • the possibility of assigning individual customer's consultants
  • the preparation of mail merge according to the given criteria (e.g. according to the customer's profitability by generating writings, e-mails, text messages
  • thanks to the data from the CRMNet system combines the complete picture of the customer of the Bank, with the current range of promoted banking products. As a result, the bank's employee gains additional arguments in the conversation with the customer, about the competitive advantage of the offer presented to him and provides the room for possible negotiation of price conditions

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  • qualified staff in the field of IT, and the economy, banking and modern solutions, allowed us to offer the highest quality of the product, which is appreciated by even the most demanding customers
  • the system supports the automation of banking processes and is implemented with full integration with the existing banking infrastructure
  • the modern solution and technologies have been designed especially with the users in mind, so as to ensure full ergonomics of work
  • EuroBankNet is a service and software support, guaranteeing modifications to the software comes from incl. changes in legal regulations or KNF Recommendation


Current exploitation, maintenance, and development of the system are implemented with the help of services provided in accordance with international standards of ISO (20000-1, 9001, 27001). IT service management is carried out according to the ITIL methodology, whereas project management according to the PRINCE2. Moreover, its advantages have been verified in independent rankings of banking systems, and the recommendation for the system is the fact that it works with the largest Cooperative Banks in Poland.






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