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eCorpoNet is a modern internet banking system, dedicated mainly for small and medium companies and local government units, which enables management of financial resources and banking account. This service enables online settlements by all the workday both between the Customers of the Cooperative Bank and people with accounts at other banks.

eCorpoNet provides permanent access to banking operations, regardless of the time, and the location of the user. Thanks to the new solutions based on Oracle technology, eCorpoNet provides freedom of access and the highest level of data security and financial resources.

It also guarantees the fastest settlements with business partners in an online mode, the highest quality of Customer service, adjusting the system to the company's procedures and changes taking place in it, and also the data exchange with the EuroBankNet central system.

Access to the account is secured by authentication procedures and transfers are authorized in the most convenient way for the customer. All operations related to data transmission are encrypted.


The best company's account


Thanks to the new technology solutions the system provides:

  • easy and simple access to the account, where the customer has the ability to get the current information about the balances and funds on its own accounts,
  • the possibility of domestic and foreign transfers and sharing the exchanges rates,
  • work in an online mode, allowing to get the status of transmitted transactions, and also check the history of operations,
  • innovative methods of securing the system guaranteeing the security of transactions,
  • modern user's identification systems facilitating contact with the Bank,
  • the flexibility of the system ensuring adjustment to the company's procedures and changes taking place in it,
  • the ability to make bank transfers to the tax authorities (ZUS, US, etc.),
  • the ability to perform and manage standing orders, and also printing confirmations of completed transactions,
  • the ability to create transfer templates, which facilitates and accelerates the performance of periodic operations,
  • the Bank has at his disposal the authentication mechanisms such as text message's password or qualified signature,
  • except for the standard account operations, the system also allows you to top up your mobile phone account with any operator.





The corporate banking system provides free and secure access to the company's accounts while guaranteeing the highest level of data security and financial customer's resources.


eCorpoNet has comprehensive and consistent security solutions in every area that affects the operation of the system:

  • the infrastructure security,
  • organizational security,
  • technical security,
  • secure access to the system,
  • an authorization of sent instructions,
  • secure internet technologies.





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