Credit multipackage

Process management of the Bank


A credit multi package is the automation of the credit process at all stages of sales and servicing of credit products. This solution enables a flexible transition to the process management of the bank through the automization and optimization of the credit service, thereby contributing to putting the Bank on a higher organizational and technological level.

Process management of document circulation, incl. related to the credit accommodation procedure, starting with the offer, submitting the application, execution of inquiries from external databases (e.g. BIK) to issue a credit decision, and generating the contract.

The software automatizes and standarizes:

  • the process of preparing the offer,
  • the process of registration the application,
  • the process of credit risk assessment,
  • the process of making credit decisions,
  • the process of signing and implementing the contract.

These processes are parametrized according to the adjusted decision-making path in the Bank. They can be defined by the employees of the Bank or by the employees of SoftNet using friendly administrative tools.

Increase your market advantage and put the Bank on a higher organizational and technological level


Business benefits


The automation of the credit process is:

  • monitoring the processes at all stages,
  • the service of credit, decision-making, and management processes,
  • smooth flow of tasks to be performed for individual employees,
  • standarization of document circulation between the branches and the headquarters,
  • the automation and optimization of credit processes,
  • shorter time from registering the application in the system to credit decision-making - reduction of the costs service,
  • the reduction of credit and operational risk.



A credit multi package is the support of sales service and full monitoring of credit products offered to both individuals and corporate customers.

An essential part of the credit accommodation is the credit rating assessment of the institutional credit recipients and individuals. It allows the registration of specific reports of proponent's credit recipients. It enumerates financial indicators for the business entities. In the case of the individuals, it enumerates the specific values or other indicators required by banking regulations and the T Recommendation (e.g. ZK, DTI).

The solution provides the production of the process of credit risk assessment by the scoring method. It collects and processes data about the credit recipient's financial situation and determines its scoring classification which simplifies the assessment of the financial situation and allows for constant monitoring during the term of the credit agreement. It offers prepared process patterns and enables their full modification depending on the needs of the Bank.

It accomplishes comprehensive monitoring support of credit exposures and the credit collection of expired receivables (soft: a mobile phone, admonition, payment request, hard: notice, pre-trial request).




Contract service


The solution depends on printing the credit and deposits agreements and other publications based on the data from the accounts in a graphic form. Data for contracts are transferred automatically from the central system. The system allows you to define many patterns and print them on any printers.

Selected features:

  • data to the contracts are located in the ORACLE base (including the archive),
  • complete elimination of the files of PDF type from the system,
  • no transferring of configuration data nor the data to the contract for the employee's station (everything takes place within the ORACLE database),
  • intuitive contract management by an employee in the web browser,
  • printout of contracts to .pdf format, .odt format from the web browser,
  • the configuration and management of contracts in one place with parallel operation of several workstations with administrator rights (network),
  • very easy building of draft contracts based on an OPEN OFFICE text editor (a troublefree service of fonts, tables, graphics, and data accounts),
  • easy building of multi-contracts (different warrants of the same contract depending on the Customer)
  • the appearance of the contract is independent of the operating system,
  • the reduction of costs by installing in one place with the CAS (Central authorization management) and the central system,
  • rights management integrated with CAS (Central Rights Management) and the central system.

An Act of the 12th of May, 2011 about the consumer credit (Journal of Laws from the 17th of June, 2011 imposed on Banks an obligation to prepare an information form for the credit consumers.

This solution provides allows for generating the necessary credit information without the need to register a potential credit recipient and without the need to create an account. The functionality of the module allows us to determine all parameters of a potential credit agreement, related costs, and commissions, generate a schedule, and financial data necessary to prepare a credit form. An additional advantage is the possibility of free form editing, which will allow for completely flexible simulations of credit repayments.

The extended module serves the entire range of accommodated credits to a large extent increasing the security of the Bank in terms of simulations created and information made available to potential credit recipients.

It additionally provides:

  • unique identification of issued credit offers,
  • archiving issued credit offers,
  • second-hand approval prepared credit offers,
  • automatic regulation of costs and the commission based on previously defined templates of costs and commissions for each credit breakdown,
  • the preparation of the credit agreement based on the previously issued credit offer.




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