Electronic Banking

Electronic Banking


eBankNet Electronic Banking, along with the mobileNet application is secure and comfortable access to electronic banking 24 hours a day by all days of the week. Thanks to the global reach of the product, the Customer can manage his account wherever he has an access to the Internet.

The system is intended mainly for an individual customer but it can also be used by business and institutional buyers.



Features of electronic banking:

  • secure
  • comfortable and adjusted to any advice
  • fully personalized for the Bank and the Customer
  • has a rich functionality
  • modern
  • clear, readable, and very intuitive
  • adjusted to the needs of the Customer





The eBankNet system stands above all:

  • logging into the system with a login and password is fully configurable according to the procedures, which the Bank will adopt,
  • access to the most important information about owned accounts, cards, credits, and deposits,
  • the ability to check balances, blockades, available funds and the history of current and savings accounts, changing the limit on your banking products,
  • the Bank has at his disposal authentication mechanisms such as text massage's passwords or authorization with a mobile application (mobileNet),
  • fully adapted to the foreign transfer service, the user can choose a currency, transaction date and create the definition of trusted and untrusted entities,
  • preview of cards attached to the accounts (debits and credits) and blockades of funds, statements, credits or deposits,
  • access to print bank transfer confirmation, the history of transaction and the ability to export the pdf file,
  • topping up a mobile phone at any operator,
  • allows the customer to apply an application about benefits of the 500 Plus, 300 Plus, the shield of the PFR programs, and mortgage holidays and e-PIT,
  • the option of credit card repayment allows the customer to constantly control the debt,
  • the function of text message's notification about events related to the account allows the user to constantly monitor his account, and if necessary, react quickly to suspicious activity, e.g. failed login attempt, loggin into the system, logging out, making a transfer, and many more,
  • the ability to start the second phase of logging in, thanks to which access to the service will require a disposable password after entering the correct login and password for the account,
  • starter packages that are login and password of the first logging, are generated by the system and printed on a protected paper - without the insight into the contents by the bank's employee,
  • management of regulations, the ability to view the user's approvals, automatic booking of transfer,
  • the function of remembering the recipients enables and shortens the time of making transfers in the future. The user has an ability to make the transfer in PLN, with a different production date and setting up standing orders,
  • the security of the performed transaction is ensured by an encrypted SLL transmission with a symmetric key about length 56 or 128 Bits and the server certificate with the key about length 1024 Bits.



eBankNet - what do we get?

  • moBankNet – the version of RWD, which is the version of the eBankNet system, born to operate mobile devices,
  • mobileNet – a mobile application installing on mobile devices,
  • Młynek płynnościowy – it is used to delay the transfer in the case of the lack of resources on the account, applies to all outgoing orders (Elixir, Zus, US), excluding Sorbnet transfers and foreign orders,
  • TPP interface –  is a key element of open banking, defines the interface for services provided by third parties, based on access to  payment accounts, that is services introduced by the abolished directive in the matter of payment services in the internal market,
  • Quick payments  – by the Express Elixir or Blue Media, 
  • Sorbnet – the system enables instant high-valued transactions, thanks to him the funds are transferred to the recipient's account in any bank within an hour,
  • Instant internal transfers  – the funds transferred to an account in the same Cooperative Bank, appear on the recipient's account immediately, regardless of the time and day of making the transfer, 
  • Mortgage holidays  – in connection with the pandemic of Covid-19, and hence, the deterioration of the financial situation of some credit recipients, a free suspension of credit repayment has been made possible,
  • The PFR financial field  – within the anti-crisis shield, an aid program is being implemented aimed at polish businesses,
  • 500 Plus/ A good start (300+) – enables to apply an online application in the eBankNet system in the appropriate section dedicated specifically to these programs
  • e-PIT – the possibility of paying taxes with the help of fast internet payment systems.





Mobile application


mobileNet is a software installed on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet...) enabling quick access to the bank accounts and using the bank services. It is a perfect solution for people who are often away from the computer. The application is available for devices with Android and iOS systems.

In order to the possibility of using the solutions, you need to generate a pairing code in the eBankNet system. You can get the code by the SMS or through the agency of the letter on paper or a scratch card. A received code is used to pair a mobile device with login with an electronic banking login.





The advantages of the application:

  • builds the image of a modern institution and strengthens the Bank's brand,
  • has a simple, attractive, goes with the times the user's interface, 
  • is available for the user without the GSM network (you only need access to the Internet by WiFi),
  • is fully personalized for the Bank ( The bank logo, the name of the bank, the color e.t.c.),
  • Is fully personalized for a customer who can choose which products will be visible on its home page,
  • includes approval of regulations,
  • is available 24/7/365.




  • communication between the application and the bank's system is encrypted,
  • the access to the application is protected by an individual PIN which is determined during pairing the device with the account (Android, iOS) by your fingerprint or using Face ID (iOS),
  • approving operations performed in the application with an individual PIN,
  • the application is protected against hacking attempts by unauthorized persons, for entered mes a wrong PIN code causes it to be blocked and the necessity to pair the device and the account again,
  • the transaction account ordered via the mobile application is limited which can be determined by the Bank as well as by the Customer.






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