A module for dispatch and cash register services based on windows system components, in the current version, using many of its elements, and the solutions we use do not introduce any restrictions on the use of the latest solutions introduced in the Windows systems.

After calling the module of the Bank's employees in one windows window has all shared information necessary for customer service: personal data, information about owned products, customer profitability data, non-accounting documentation registered in the system, standing orders, payment orders, credit security, court attachments, customer's backlogs, loan collection events.



The principle of one window:

  • comprehensive Customer's view,
  • fully cach service,
  • adding/ removing document scans,
  • the preview of text messages/ emails sent to the customers,
  • information notes,
  • information about profitability on the customer,
  • information about credit standing, including loan collection,
  • information about running market campaigns,
  • verification of data entities of REGON in external systems /GUS/
  • customer status (VIP, shareholder, etc.).


FrontNet allows reproducing an existing, paper archive of customers' folders. Thanks to this, it is possible to store customer's documentation (formal and legal documents, correspondence, contracts, etc.) and managing them in an organized and transparent way.

This module is fully ergonomic and intuitive for the Bank's customer and operates based on banking products defined by the Bank, thus not requiring knowledge of account. It allows you to easily perform the proper task (e.g. clicking on the customer's data moves us to the customer's personal file, clicking on the account shares us the menu with the available operations for us on the account, ...).



In combination with the DruBankNet module to the service of graphic deposit agreements, and the credit agreements support the integrity and uniformity of contracts in all Bank branches and enable them to maintain the correctness of data in contracts (they are downloaded directly from the system).

  • central definition of contract templates and simultaneous promotion of valid templates for all branches of the Bank (easy building of contracts - using Open office tools)
  • possibility of creating "multi-contracts" (different variants of the same contract depending on the Customer)
  • graphics according to the standards adopted by the Bank
  • the possibility of printing on various types of printers (laser, inkjet)
  • data for contracts are not transmitted on the employee's workstation
  • a possible printout of the contract to the PDF format


In combination with the CRMNet module supports the service of sales campaigns and data analysis procedures, as well as accounting and product service

  • automation of verification of Customer data:

information about nonacceptance and/or FACTA/EUROFacta statements,
information about upcoming expiry dates of documents,
information about a method of authentication (PSD2),
information on how to contact the customer (a mobile phone, e-mail, documents delivered electronically),
and others (birthdays, surveys, etc.)

  • a simple Customer's registration process (personal data, about the account, about co-owners, cards, products, electronic banking products),
  • a simple Customer service:

customer identification,
production of disposition of the Customer,

production of access to electronic banking,
information about attached documents,
registration of Customer' documents.






  • documents are stored in electronic version in one base, available for the employees
  • immediate access to the stored documents and the Bank's employees
  • quick searching of information in documents
  • improvement of dataflow in the Bank and reduction of the flow of paper documents
  • reduction of the costs of distribution, processing, and document management
  • full information about the customer in one place - a whole insight into the customer's situation, information about his all accounts, obligations towards the Bank, owned products, owned connections
  • very fast and simplified customer service in the field of selling products - a product approach
  • a quick verification and insight into personal data/ company data
  • automated company data entry directly from the GUS base
  • full information about the data that need to be supplemented about the customer (e.g. marketing consents, personal data ...)
  • an insight into the history of customer's contacts with the Bank and the ability to document them
  • the ability to adjust the interface to the permissions and needs of the Bank's employee
  • the ability to a simple cash service
  • the export of the document to the pdf, excel word format, for further use by the Bank's employees
  • performing external data analysis and mandatory reports (NBP, BFG...) - high-quality reports
  • high flexibility thanks to the possibility of defining banking products





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