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CPDNet is an innovative cloud for the financial sector which is implemented with the use of the latest Oracle technologies - a world leader in this industry. The CPDNet platform is built on the basis of Oracle Exadata solution, which guarantees an extreme capability, the availability of critical significance, and the highest security all online transaction processing (OLTP), a data warehouse (DW), data analysis in the memory for mixed and hybrid burdens. As a partner of Oracle Polska on the Gold level, for many years we rely on Oracle technology, being the main platform, on which we design solutions for our Customers.


"To meet the growing expectations of customers and the requirements of the competitive market we decided to move our current systems in the cloud computing module in the Oracle Cloud. For the systems operating in the financial sector, such an operation is particularly complex, it requires strict compliance with the imposed regulations by the KNF.'' 

Andrzej Data, President of the Executive Board of SoftNet


Data collected in the so-called front-office Bank are transmitted both from the Central Bank, his branches, and the affiliates. It simultaneously transfers the so-called back office, which is the tools that allow for the service of deposits, credits, assessments, reports, and analyses, simultaneously not interfering during this time the work in the e-banking or the card service of the Bank's Customer.

The CPNet service combines such services as eBankNet, eCorpoNet, or mobile banking as well as those performed by external institutions.




The highest standard of data security for the CPDNet service:

  • three-level security system - maintaining a backup copy, a second backup center as a matter of the ArkaNet service, and the data backup as a matter of MirrorNet service
  • copy of the data - sharing a copy of the data for the customer, which can be downloaded at any time and store in one's own media
  • the highest standard of work - ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 9001, fulfilling the requirements of the D Recommendation, and the banking outsourcing according to the art. 6a-d Act of Banking Law
  • specialized staff - the availability of competences of certified IT engineers for the whole infrastructure

To ensure the proper level of service in the field of High Availability and Disaster Recovery, the two Exadata machines are used in the Cloud at Customer model, on which the Oracle DB Cloud service is activated in the Universal Credits mode and  Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services.


The CPDNet solution is the guarantee of compliance with all standards and guidelines of regulators, such as e.g. KNF. This area is often inspected which forces perpetual adaptation to the changing law and regulations. The cooperation with a specialized data processing center facilitates to adapt to these requirements.


Recommendation the Hit of 2020 in the XIII edition of the Technology Competition ''Gazety Bankowej'' in the category of ''Banking''



Oracle Modern Cloud Day, 2019

Range of services


  • Basic and backup server room:

Exadata (set of database servers)
terminal servers
application servers
Operating systems for all devices and servers
database and system licenses + support (within the IT infrastructure)

  • Copy of security
  • Network traffic management within and between both server rooms
  • System and hardware support for the entire IT infrastructure

availability of competence of certified IT engineers for the entire infrastructure
service continuity of 99 percent


  • Providing infrastructure for data exchange with external entities
  • Upgrades all the Company's applications and systems to the highest version
  • Independent security audits and other reports from these audits
  • Providing data to the Client
  • Meeting the requirements of Recommendation D and banking outsourcing in accordance with Article 6a-d of the Banking Law Act
  • Executions in accordance with the provisions of the KNF Communication of 23 January 2020.




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