Reporting and Analitical Systems



The EuroBankNetC central system is a comprehensive reporting and analytical system, whose main task is to provide information about the activities of the Bank supporting the process of managing it. Modern graphic tools were used to present the data, which make the print more flexible and improve the aesthetics of the printout.


Basic tasks of the system:

  • the preparation of compulsory reporting and reports for the prudential reporting needs
  • providing information about the customer,
  • monitoring of the bank's work,
  • providing information about the economic and financial conditions of the Bank, financial result and security,
  • providing the information necessary in the planning and decision-making process in the bank's current and strategic activities,
  • help with the performance of control and supervisory functions,
  • providing the information necessary to the risk management found in the Bank.


The system comprehensively supports obligatory reporting for the NBP, KNF, BFG. It meets the requirements of obligatory reporting and enables the preparations of reports for other external and internal recipients of the Bank. It supports the full scope of analytical work.



Main system functionalities:

  • fully automated compilation of obligatory reporting and reports for prudential reporting
  • ITS reports - the package of reports (COREP, FINREP, Large Exposures, Liquidity 2, Encumbrance) necessary for reporting the Member States for the European Banking Supervision
  • SHS report (Securities Holding Statistics) - for the purposes of the investment in securities
  • fulfillment of the reporting obligation concerning the Compulsory Restructuring Plan - PPR, in accordance with the latest requirements
  • NB300 report - the production of reporting of significant exposures
  • MONREP report - for the purposes of collecting and processing data necessary to conduct the monetary policy by the NBP
  • the packages of reports FINREP/FINREP ITS, COREP/COREP ITS
  • BFG report - a package of reports resulting from the Act on the Bank Guarantee Fund, the deposit guarantee system and compulsory restructuring
  • the ability to prepare the reports concerning the interest rate risk and its analysis by reading external data from the central system
  • support for the process of operational risk management in the Bank
  • providing to the authorities of the bank the necessary information on operational events and the related risks,
  • support in risk management, incl. risk management: credit, concentration, currency, non-compliance, bank liquidity management,
  • defining publishers,
  • CRDIV - calculation of short-term LCR and long-term NSFR standard
  • analyzing the deposits and credits - MaxBank
  • emergency scenarios in the event of a liquidity failure
  • supervisory liquidity measures
  • instrument variability, deposit analysis on cartridges
  • supporting in the preparation of the Bank's financial plan
  • report of the financial condition of the Bank
  • analyzing credits and deposits
  • basic accounting printouts: inventory printout, the printout of balances and synthetic accounts, statement of balances and analytical turnover, statement of balances, and turnover for the general ledger accounts




Why is it worth it?


The main features of the system:

  • fully adjusted to the needs of the Bank operating in associations,
  • the current update to new regulations introduced in the rules,
  • automated compilation of the obligatory reporting, both to the NBP and resulting from the CRR regulation -aSIST prudential reporting for monetary policy (MONREP) in the region of the statutory reserve for balance of payments, the packages of reports of FINREP, COREP, the NB300 reports, reports to the BFG, etc.
  • avoiding the load of the transaction system,
  • ensuring high-quality input data for preparing the reports,
  • the flexibility of data resources for preparing the reports,
  • the ability to adjust the system to the type and the scope of the Bank's operations,
  • the flexibility of software and the aesthetics of the printouts, thank the use of modern graphic tools,
  • comprehensive solution providing the full integrify of data store, facilitating of ever new reporting obligations,
  • operation on an Oracle database,
  • providing high-quality maintenance services by the availability of specialized staff.





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