Virtual Bank


Changing trends in the financial market and the habits of customers in using the services of the banking sector make new solutions that respond to the newly created needs. The Bank without branches is an idea which revolutionized detail banking several years ago. Customers of stationary points are moving more often to the online sector.


Virtual Bank is modern banking. It is a bridge between traditional branches and internet banking. It is available for the Customer anytime and anywhere.


vBanking is transferring everything that is carried out in the traditional branches of the Bank into the virtual world.


Why is it worth it?


vBanking - business benefits:

  • the possibility of acquiring a new Customer by the Internet,
  • building the image of modern institutions and strengthening the BS brand,
  • the channel is available 24/7/365,
  • the reduction of the operating costs,
  • saving paper by changing the traditional form of documents to an electronic form,
  • a simple, attractive, move with the times the interface of the user,
  • limiting the time of the customers staying in the Bank's facility - providing the security,
  • automatic access for the customers to electronic banking and banking products,
  • security and less risk,
  • the appearance in the media common for the young generation and online product comparison engines.







The vBanking software allows you to accept a verified application for electronic banking in an electronic way, but customer's data, such as a telephone number, e-mail address, or certificate of identification (proprietary documents) are verified during entering them in the application. The customer can submit it by a web browser which allows saving time.

Depending on the adopted process in the Bank and its internal regulations, a different authorization can be entered, incl. through the verification transfer from the NRB account provided by the customer established in the other Bank.




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